Environmental Policies

Minerva Loose Leaf recognizes that we have a responsibility to reduce any impact on the environment and are committed to partaking in environmentally responsible business practices by:

  • using recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials whenever possible.
  • minimising the waste produced during production.
  • separating and recycling any unavoidable waste wherever possible.
  • providing our employees with training to heighten their awareness in the use of energy and the following impact this has on the environment.

Recycling all of our

  • board is made from recycled paper waste.
  • metal fittings are sent for recycling.
  • PVC waste is sent for recycling.
  • waste board, paper and cartons are sent for recycling.
  • waste polypropylene is sent for recycling.

Recycling clients products

We offer all our clients the facility to recycle any products we have manufactured for them which are no longer required. All we ask of our clients is to do their bit by sending the products to us or we will endeavour to collect the products when we next deliver to them. On return, all products will be broken down to their component materials and be sent for recycling