Frosted Binders

Frosted Binders

A4 frosted binders hold your paper documents securely. Stylish and highly functional, we are able to offer a full customisation process, printing your logo and custom design onto your binder. Popular with businesses in all manner of markets and segments, they provide an understated image of practicality. Ideal for environments in which full branding might be regarded as too brash to make a strong impression.

Our branded 25mm 2 ring format binders are ideal for presentations. Opening and closing easily, frosted polypropylene ring binders are an excellent way to store documents both at home and in the office. They are considerably more rugged than paper-on-board and will protect your documentation better. A branded frosted binder is translucent and provides a high quality professional finish to the customer facing operations.

When you buy your personalised, polypropylene frosted ring binders, you can be sure that they will be delivered quickly and promptly.

See our range of bespoke frosted binders below.

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